Rconnect Portal login and Salary slip download

Streamlined human resource management is the backbone of every industry in today’s world. A good management will empower employees, become a transformative tool and revolutionize HR practices. Rconnect is one such human resource management system that can be accessed online by the employees. This portal has become very convenient and easy to use and provides a great number of benefits.

In today’s article I will tell you how to download salary pay slips, how to login, how to change  e challan and more. All these things are easy to access and I will provide information on how to apply and what are the services provided in this reliance rconnect portal. 

If you are interested in learning more about the rconnect portal, please read this article in its entirety. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, so they too can learn about this portal.

Rconnect portal 2023

What is Rconnect?

Rconnect is an online HRMS portal created by Reliance Industries Limited. It has a variety of uses which the employees can take advantage of like applying for leave, editing personal information, downloading salary slips, resetting password, applying for CTC reimbursement, Family special card, checking attendance, travel requests, etc. Not only this the employee and the employer can also do a two way communication on this platform. 

To login into the portal the user will need an employee ID and password, employee ID can be found by contacting the HR or on the payslip. On the first login the password would need to be changed. 

Rconnect portal details

State All India
Website rconnect.ril.com
ObjectiveConvenience and ease in human resource management
Launched byReliance Retail
Helpline91 2235555000

Rconnect portal features

You can use the following features on Rconnect portal:

  1. Personal info: In this section you can view personal IDs, contact details, educational details, address, family details, bank details, etc.
  2. Attendance: This section allows you to view your attendance. You can take special leave, view team attendance, change your shifts, mark your leaves, check leave history, etc.
  3. Leave: Here you can apply for leave, check your leaves in the past, and manage all.
  4. Payroll & reimb: In this section you can view and manage your salary slips, tax statement, vehicle log book, voluntary PF, CLV, CTC statement, income tax declaration, get digital form 16, reimbursements, national pension scheme, income tax declaration, income tax projection, PLE, power of attorney, company vehicle details, reimbursement, PAN/PRAN updation etc.
  5. Communication: It allows you to view company news, policy updates, and other information.
  6. Travel & GH: In this section you can book guest houses for your travels, request visa, create travel requests, get travel trip expenses, etc.
  7. Retiral: Here you can check retiral benefits and tender resignation option. A person can leave the organization by clicking on the Tender resignation button, he’ll have to fill an exit interview form and then it will be updated in the system.
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Rconnect Ril.com login


To log into the Rconnect portal-

  • First write the user id, which will be written on your payroll. It is “P” and then your employee code.
  • On your first login the password will be Rr@YYYYMMDD (here you have to write your date of birth). 
  • Immediately after login you have to change your password for security purposes.
  • The password should of minimum 6 characters containing at least 1 symbol (@,&,#) and 1 number. The maximum length will be 20 characters.

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Rconnect Forgot Password

If you forget the password, you can reset it using “Click here to Reset/Unlock your password” option present on the homepage.

  • Aftering entering all the details you’ll get an email with a new password. You’ll also get this password on your mobile number though sms.
  • If you have a corporate number and it is certified on Rconnect you’ll receive the sms. If you have personal number and it is certified on Rconnect then also you’ll receive the sms. A user can change his personal number on the portal but cannot change his corporate number.
  • When you type the user id and password sent to you on email id and click on the Logon button you’ll get an option to change the password.
  • Then enter the old password and the new password. Save the changes and your password will be reset.

Rconnect retail first time login

As stated above first you’ll have to login using your user id and password. User id will be P followed by employee code which can be found on your salary slip.

Password will be Rr@YYYYMMDD (date of birth). After login you have to change your password by clicking on Click here to Reset/Unlock your password. You’ll get a new password on your email id. Use this password to reset the password of the portal.

On signin go to Personal Info and click on Certify Data. Here update details like personal info, personal IDs, family, educational, contact, bank details, address etc. Submit all the details and at last click on the “I certify” button. 

After this you can check all the settings on the portal.

Rconnect ril com Account status check

To check your account status visit the official website of rconnect.

  • Here click on Click here to reset/ unlock your password option.
  • Then click on Check your Account Status.
  • A prompt box will appear, enter your user id, first name, last name, date of birth.
  • Then click on the Submit button.
  • Then your account status will appear on your screen. 

How to mark attendance on Rconnect?

To mark attendance on Rconnect visit the attendance section on the portal. 

  1. Here click on Attendance and Leave. 
  2. You’ll get a calendar marked with different colors. Red color dates shows that attendance was not properly marked. 
  3. Click on these red dates and then click on Leave/Regularisation.
  4. If it is a leave then select the “From and To” date, type of leave, and message.
  5. Then click on the Save button.

In the attendance section you can also view/change your shifts, take special leave and check team attendance.

Rconnect Reliance Salary

To check the salary slips or payroll slips a person can go to the Payroll section.

Again click on payroll and view history for Salary slips.

Rconnect Salary Slip

To download the Reliance pay slip visit the official website of Rconnect.

  • User will come on the portal homepage.
  • Login into the Rconnect portal using Login ID and password.
  • Then click on Most Used Services and then on the Payslip option.
  • Here choose the month and year you want to download the payslip for.
  • Then download the payslip using Download button.

Rconnect reimbursement 

If you want to ask for reimbursement then go to the Ask HR option.

  1. Under the New request section,  choose Payroll in New Request for.
  2. Choose Choice Pay updation in Sub Category.
  3. Then write the subject as updating choice pay and then write a message.
  4. You’ll also need to upload the copy of RC and a copy of car insurance.
  5. You can also check the request history to view replies by HR or if you want to edit them and resubmit.

If you want to submit the reimbursement request then go to the Payroll option.

  • Then click on Reimbursements.
  • Then choose Choice Pay updation.
  • After this add a new request for reimbursement like medical/CTC/Fuel and maintenance/LTA.
  • These requests should be added before 20th of every month so that they can be included in the current month payroll cycle else it will be transferred to the next payroll cycle.

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Rconnect portal benefits

Rconnect portal has several benefits like-

  • This portal is convenient for the users as they can access the various services provided in the Rconnect portal anytime and anywhere without having to visit the office physically for routine tasks.
  • The portal provides self service options which can be used by the users to update their personal information, take their leave, get reimbursements and what not. In this way they won’t have to rely on HR for necessary tasks that can be done on their own.
  • The portal saves a lot of time both for employees and HR. Users can check important information and download required documents without any delays.
  • Leave can be easily applied can managed with the help of this portal. The system can automatically calculate leave valencies and approval status.
  • Important information, announcements, news, updates can be easily disseminates through this portal which will help in escalating the communication between the authority and the employees.
  • The most important feature of this bottle is that the employees can view and manage their payroll slips and also apply for reimbursements.

Important links

Official website
User guide

Contact information 

Email: info@ril.com
Helpline number: 91 2235555000

Address: Reliance Industries Limited
Maker Chambers – IV
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021, India
Facebook: RelianceIndustriesLimited
Linkedin: company/reliance

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Frequently asked Questions

Ril.com employee login

To login into the rconnect portal as an employee go to the official website of Rconnect. Then fill in the user ID and password. The password will be Rr@YYYYMMDD (date of birth) and user id will be P followed by the employee code written on the payroll slip.

Ril attendance

To check the attendance on the Rconnect portal visit the official website of ril.com and click on Attendance & Leave. If you want to mark your attendance then click on that date and then click on regularization or mark that date as leave.

Rconnect.ril.com/irj/portal pay slip

To download the rconnect payslip user will come on the portal homepage.
Login into the Rconnect portal and click on Most Used Services and then on the Payslip option.

Here choose the month and year you want to download the payslip for. Then download the payslip using the Download button.

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