Uchita Prayana scheme details | How to apply?

For a long time people in Karnataka have had numerous challenges when it comes to going from one place to another. Especially women, who are unable to find any affordable transportation that is secure and safe at the same time. Limited access to mobility means less opportunities for education, healthcare, employment, etc.

Acknowledging this problem, the INC pledged to make transportation for all the women in the state free pre Karnataka polls.

In this article, I will explain how you can apply for the Uchita Prayana scheme from the comfort of your own home. I will provide information on how to apply and take the benefit of this scheme. 

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Uchita Prayana scheme details

CM Siddaramaiah pledged “Uchita Prayana” a day before Karnataka polls as one of the five guarantees to be delivered to the people of Karnataka. Priyanka Gandhi announced this scheme before the elections to help women travel free of cost.

What is Uchita Prayana yojana?

uchita prayana scheme

Uchita Prayana yojana is a government scheme under which all the women of the state are eligible to travel in any government bus free of cost. Any woman can travel in a government run KSRTC/ BMTC bus, this scheme is targeted to around 40 lakh women including 8 lakh girl students and 30 lakh working women from organized or unorganised sectors.

In KSRTC, NWKRTC, KKRTC, half seats will be reserved for men but in BMTC there is no such reservation. Also if there are less women in the buses then the remaining seats will be given to men.

Uchita Prayana scheme Overview

DepartmentKarnataka State Government
Launch Year2023
Launch dateJune 11
Implemented bhPriyanka Gandhi V
PartyCongress party
ObjectiveTo ensure free ride to all women in non AC and non sleeper buses

Uchita Prayana scheme Karnataka objective

The objective of this scheme is to provide free transportation for women and other goals are-

  • This scheme will help in reducing the gender gap as most of the females have less access to education, healthcare, employment. With the coming up of this scheme, they’ll be able to get easy access to opportunities.
  • It will reduce financial burden on women. People who are poor and have less financial freedom, for them mobility is another issue and a big cost, this scheme will help reduce financial distress for them.
  • Uchita Prayana Yojana will help empower women and give them a sense of freedom as they’ll be able to enjoy basic facilities and amenities. Moreover they could connect with the cities easily to find jobs and live on their own.
  • This scheme will also help in reducing pollution because women will choose to use public transport more than private means or cars. 

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Uchita Prayana eligibility

  • Only women are beneficiaries of this scheme. Thus men aren’t eligible for this scheme.
  • The women beneficiary should be a resident of Karnataka.

Under this scheme women are eligible to travel for free in government run buses but not in luxury buses like AC, non- AC sleepers, Ambari, Airavat, Rajahamsa, etc.

Uchita Prayana Scheme requirements

Women from ages, castes, backgrounds can avail the benefit of this scheme. This scheme is made for women so that they can travel and use the bus to reach the destination.

The only document required for this scheme is-

  • Aadhaar card or government issue ID card 

that shows that the woman is a resident of Karnataka. The document should be shown to the conductor.

The government will start issuing smart cards called “Shakti smart cards” so that women won’t have to show their documents every time. 

Karnataka Uchita Prayana online application

Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme will be launched on June 11, 2023. It was stated by the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramahiah in a programme where he pledged to deliver 5 guarantees to the people of the state. 

In this scheme, there is no need to apply as it is applicable for every woman of the state.

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Uchita Prayana yojna benefits

There are several benefits of the Uchita Prayana scheme such as

  • It will empower women and make them independent. They’ll be able to travel on their own and will get more access to opportunities. 
  • This yojana will help curb the gender gap in the society between males and females.
  • Women will get increased access to education and employment. Example, women from rural areas could travel to cities to get jobs, girl students could get to college or school.
  • By making bus travel free for all women they will feel more connected to the society as they’ll get more opportunities like healthcare, childcare, education, etc.
  • Cost of travel will be reduced drastically for women as bus is the main mode of transport for intercity travel. 
  • Women will prefer to use bus for travel and this will reduce crimes and it will make them feel safer. 

Helpline number

We have included all the latest updates and information regarding the Uchita Prayana scheme, however if you still have any doubts regarding this scheme then visit the official website of the scheme or contact through the helpline number 1902.

Important Links 

Official website
PM kanya ashirwad yojana
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Latest news

On June 11, Uchita Prayana “Shakti” scheme was launched by the Congress Party in which the RTCs experienced an expenditure of ₹1.4 crore in half a day. The government estimated that 41.81 lakh women will take the benefit of this scheme and as it promised 41.34 lakh women travelled on the first day itself. On the first day the cost to running the scheme was around ₹8.84 crore, according to KSRTC officials it would cost around ₹3400 crore annually to run the scheme.

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy spoke that this shows the effectiveness and success of the Shakti scheme. They are planning to increase the number of buses if the number of beneficiaries keep on increasing.

Recently Greenpeace has submitted a letter to the CM advising some recommendations in the scheme like 

  • Include transgender community, elderly, migrants, non residents, women conductors
  • Only women buses, 24/7 grievance system,  
  • Increase BMTC buses, fleet size, new mini buses
  • Establish bus lanes, setup Bus rapid Transit Systems

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Frequently asked Questions

What is Uchita Prayana scheme?

Uchita Prayan scheme is a government initiative launched on June 11, 2023 to grant free bus service to all women in Karnataka. It is one of the 5 guarantees pledged by the INC pre Karnataka polls to deliver for the welfare of the people of the state.

What documents are required for Uchita Prayana?

Women need to show their Aadhaar card or any other government issued ID card that shows that she is a resident of Karnataka. Later government will issue “Shakti smart cards” which will be used to avail free bus service.

Who is eligible for Uchita Prayana Yojana?

Any women who is a resident of Karnataka is eligible for Uchita Prayana Yojana.

How to apply for Uchita Prayana free bus service scheme?

As the scheme is applicable to all the women in Karnataka, there is no need to apply to be eligible for this scheme. All the women who are  resident of the state are already eligible of this scheme disregarding their caste or status.

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